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See what our customer says

“U-Haul (Australia) has placed an order to start installation into their trailers throughout all of Australia. Since installation into our 1500 Queensland trailers, they have had no punctures. Tire issues have been virtually eliminated… an absolutely fantastic result.”
-Steve Allen
Taska Australia on U-Hauligner
“Since commencing the installation of Permaseal™ in our for-hire trailer tires, we have seen punctures, within one month, that normally experience 200 tire-related issues reduced to one… Permaseal™ is performing beyond expectation for us”
-Grant Hardman
Australia Wide Trailers for U-Haul
“The City of Anaheim corporate fleet includes 18 regenerative air street sweepers and 3 broom style street sweepers. These vehicles are more prone to flat tires than the rest of our fleet due to the nature of the work they perform. The City of Anaheim has been using Permaseal™ tire sealant in the street sweeper tires in an effort to reduce the number of flat tires on these vehicles. Ahaheim experienced 25 fewer tire road calls in 2010 compared to 2009. At an average cost of $70 per road call, this was a savings of $1,750. Much of this reduction can be attributed to the use of Permaseal™ tire sealant.”
– Karl Hopfer
Fleet Superintendent, City of Anaheim
“We installed Permaseal™ into the tire and the truck was driven down the road to distribute the product. They went on to insist we demonstrate the puncture proofing capabilities by hammering in a punch well outside the 6.25 ml (1/4”) as indicated. The punch as shown in photos was about 9mm and was driven will into the tire. Upon removal it took a few (long, “silent”) seconds, but sealed. The truck was again driven down the road and back and pressure was rechecked upon return. It showed 1 PSI less. Very successful demonstration and the folks from Hymix indicated they would be putting in a purchase order this week to commence installations into steers. This could very well lead to a much greater expansion of business with other related companies.”
– Steve Allen
Taska Australia
“Since installing Permaseal™ in our load tires we have not had to re-pressurize any of the tires even once. Prior to the Permaseal™ installation it was a daily exercise.”
-Peter Papendorf
Smart Skip
​ “Permaseal™ is the best product I have experienced in the market to date and I recommend it to anyone suffering puncture issues.”
Smart Skip